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C Program to print the second highest no. from a 1D matrix.

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 Write a program to print the second highest no. from a 1D matrix. 

 The penultimate (one before last) number in an array, if it is arranged in an ascending order is the second highest number. If the highest number occurs more than once, then the location of the second highest number is (Size of array -1 - Number of times the highest number occurs) in the sorted array. 

 Begin Set flag variable f to 0 
Read n //Size of array Allocate size into array a for i ß0 to less than n, increment i Read a[i] //
Array inputs 
 //Initializing max1 with the greater of the two no.s, a[o] or a[1] 
If a[0] is greater than a[1] 
 else if a[1]is greater than a[0] 
max1 ß a[1] 
 max2 ß a[0] 
 max2 ß a[n-1]
 max1 ß a[0] 
 //Loop to find out 2nd highest no. 
 For iß2 less than n, increment I by 1
 if a[i] is equal to max1 
continue with next iteration 
 if a[i] is greater than max1 
 fß1 //flag 
 max2 ß max1 
 max1 ß a[i] 
 else if a[i] is greater than max2 
 max2 ß a[i] f ß 1 //flag 
if f is equal to 0 
 Print ‘All the no.s are the same’
 if f is equal to 1 
 Print ‘The second highest element is’ max2 

 //Program to print 2nd highest no. from a 1D array. 
 void main() 
 int *a;
 int n,i=0,max1,max2; 
 int f=0;//flag variable 
 clrscr(); //Accepting size of array from user 
 printf("\n Enter size of array :"); 
 a=(int*)malloc(n*sizeof(int)); //Accepting array elements from user 
printf("Enter array elements \n"); 
 scanf("%d",&a[i]); //Initializing max1 with the greater of the two no.s a[o] or a[1] 
 }//end of if else
 }//end of else 
 }//end of else
 //Loop to find out 2nd highest no. 
 { if(a[i]==max1)
 }//end of if else
 }//end of for //Printing
 printf("All the no.s are the same"); 
 printf("The second highest element %d \n",max2); 
 }//end of main 

Enter size of array :10 
Enter array elements 
The second highest element 8 

 The max1 and max2 variables are not initialized with 0 or any other arbitrary number because a user might enter all the inputs as negative numbers, in that case the output shall be wrong. A flag variable need to be set in order to find out if all the numbers entered are the same, in that case there won’t be any second highest number.

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