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The SBS-1 System Description

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The SBS-1 System Description: 
The SBS-1 is single board microcomputer to provide economical, self-contained computer-based solution for different applications like microcomputer-based experiments, computations and real-time process control. The central processing unit, system clock, read/write memory, parallel input/output port, universal serial asynchronous transmitter receiver, priority interrupt logic, programmable timers and multi-channel analog to digital converter all reside on a single board.

• High performance 8085 CPU with 6.144 MHz Crystal. 
• 2K powerful firmware in 2716. 
• 6K bytes of read/write memory using 6116. 
• 6K bytes of read only memory using 2716. 
• 48 programmable parallel input/output lines using 8255. 
• Programmable synchronous/asynchronous serial interface with software selectable baud rate using 8251 (for RS232C, TTY-20mA current loop, cassette interface etc.) 
• Serial communication with SID/SOD ports of 8085. 
• Three programmable 16-bit BCD/Binary timers or event counters using 8253. 
• 12 levels of programmable interrupt control using 8259 and hardware vectored interrupt pins of 8085. 
• 8-channel 8-bit analog to digital converter using ADC0809. 
• Fully buffered STD bus for easy expansion. 
• Highly reliable 24 keys and 6-digit 7-segment LED display. 
• Monitor has basic software to aid the user to load, verify, execute and debug his program. 

 Operational Supports: 
 • TTY interface using 0-20mA current loop. 
• Keyboard and CRT terminal interface using 1488 and 1489 (RS232C). 
• EPROM programmer for 2716, 2732 or any other ROM on order. 
• Special utility software on requirement. 

 Electrical Characteristics: DC regulated power supply +5Volt ±5% 2.0 Amp. 

 Environmental: Operating temperature 0º to 55 ºC.

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